Sub-prefecture of Le Havre - Foreigners Department - Residence and Asylum Office

Asylum seekers residing in the Le Havre district are received at the sub-prefecture of Le Havre every Tuesday morning to renew their asylum application certificate (approximately 60 people can be received on Tuesday morning).

For each renewal, you must bring with you

  • proof of address dated less than 3 months
  • your old certificate,
  • if applicable, all documents relating to your administrative situation (documents from OFPRA or the CNDA)

Please note: Until 15 September 2020, entry to the sub-prefecture is limited. The renewal of certificates is only possible by appointment:

  • If you are domiciled in an asylum seeker reception structure located in the Le Havre district: you will be given a summons by your accommodation structure.
  • You are domiciled with a private individual: you must request an appointment by mail addressed to the following address Sub-Prefecture of Le Havre - 95 boulevard de Strasbourg - CS 20032 - 76083 LE HAVRE CEDEX - service des étrangers - Bureau du séjour et de l'asile.

Following your application, a summons will be sent to you by post.

If you have been recognised as a refugee or beneficiary of subsidiary protection, a receipt attesting to the "recognition of international protection" will be issued to you.