I am an asylum seeker in normal or accelerated procedure

The asylum application certificate has a variable validity period. If your asylum application is still being processed, you must renew it a few days before your certificate expires. You must also request the renewal of your attestation if you change your address. You can also use this procedure if your certificate is lost or stolen.

Please note: All asylum certificates that initially expire between 16 March and 15 June 2020 are automatically extended by 90 days. You should not come to the prefecture before this new expiry date.

The renewal procedure varies according to the commune in which you are domiciled. If you are domiciled in a commune listed below, you are under the jurisdiction of the sub-prefecture of Le Havre. If not, your application will be handled by the prefecture in Rouen.

The procedures for renewing the asylum application certificate are specified in the sections below.

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